Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1 - The parts:

CONCEIÇÃO VICENTE UNIPESSOAL LDA, Estrada de Santa Clara, nº 126, Cp 9300-161 - Câmara de Lobos, referred to as Lessor and the Client referred to as Lessee, enter into this rental agreement, governed by the following:

1 - The Lessee expressly declares that he received the vehicle on the start date of this contract, with a full tank, in good conditions of use and functioning.

2 - In case of booking cancellation informed by email up to 48 hours before the pick-up time, the amount will be refunded, less administrative expenses, namely, fees charged by banks and/or payment networks such as Visa and Mastercard.

3 - The minimum rental period is one day (24H). In cases of delays of more than 1 hour in returning the car, the Lessee could be charged an extra rental day.

If the Lessee wishes to change the pick-up time or the time to return the vehicle, he must contact the Lessor at least 4 hours in advance of the intended time or the time stipulated in the contract, whichever is shorter.

The premature delivery of the vehicle will not incur refunds.

4 - The driver must be over 21 years old and have at least 2 years of driving experience. He must present a valid driving license in Portugal.

5 - Fuel: the Lessee will receive the vehicle with a full tank and must return it in the same way.

If the vehicle is returned with an incomplete tank, the Lessee will pay the Lessor the amount of the fuel tank missing.

6 - Prices include: VAT, Premium Insurance, maintenance and 24h travel assistance.

7 - Prices do not include: expenses with Park, fuel and fines.

8 - The Premium Insurance is included in all rentals, has no excess and covers:

• Civil liability, mandatory and complementary;

• Personal accidents for vehicle occupants;

• Breaking glass;

• Theft or robbery of the vehicle;

• Fire, lightning or explosion;

• Natural phenomena and aircraft crashes;

• Crash, collision and rollover;

• Vandalism (caused by people outside the tenant) and acts of terrorism;

• Loss of key;

• Damage to tires and/or wheels. In cases of tire punctures, the Lessee will be responsible for taking it to a place for its repair, as well as for the expenses.

Premium Insurance does not cover:

Damage to the engine and/or gearbox and/or clutch caused by incompetence or misuse;

Damage due to refueling with wrong fuel

Intentional damage caused by the Lessee or by persons under their responsibility to the vehicle or third parties;

Damage caused by a person driving without legal authorization and/or without authorization from the rental company; under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a person suffering from mental insanity;

Damages for participation in sporting events, Rally's, challenges, contests, competitions;

Damage due to negligent driving, malpractice or misuse;

Damage for driving in a way that disregards local traffic laws and rules and or in order to disregard the warnings of the authorities and traffic signs, of danger or risk, for driving, being stopped or parked in prohibited places, for driving, being stopped or parked in places closed by the authorities;

Damage from use to push or tow any vehicle, trailer or any other object;

Damage due to accidents that are not communicated to the Lessor and the police.

Drivers are responsible for all road violations they commit.

9 - Towing costs will be borne by the Lessor only in cases of vehicle problems that have not been caused by the Lessee. In situations such as loss of key, lack of battery due to forgetting the lights, radio or other items turned on, lack of fuel, jamming or damage to tires that occur due to circulation outside tarred roads and/or places closed by the authorities and other situations similar, the Lessee will pay the costs of towing and/or assistance and the amount of damage to the tires, €150 for each damaged tire and €100 for towing and/or assistance.

10 - In case of damage to the vehicle, accident, robbery, theft or fire, the Lessee must:

Contact the Lessor, even in case of minor damage or loss, and provide the Lessor with a detailed report, including diagrams, photos and detailed description of what happened, requesting the activation of the Travel Assistance , whenever justified;

Take pictures of the vehicles involved, in the position they were in after the accident, as well as the damage caused to all vehicles involved;

Call the authorities (112) and the ambulance if there are any injured;

Report to the police authorities the robbery or theft of the vehicle, as well as the accident in which there are bodily injuries or in which the fault of the other party must be clarified;

Fill in the Car Accident Friendly Declaration whenever the accident involves third parties;

Obtain from the other drivers involved:

Name, address and telephone number

Driving license number, date and place of issue

Make, model and registration of other vehicles

Insurance policy and insurance company of the other vehicles involved

The Lessee undertakes to cooperate with the Lessor and its insurers in any investigation or legal proceedings subsequent to any accident in which it is involved;

Take appropriate measures to protect the vehicle before leaving the accident scene.

11 - The Lessee is responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle and its equipment, throughout the rental period, and must check the oil, fuel, water levels and tire pressure. In case of excessive dirt (interior or exterior) a cleaning fee of €15 will be applied.

12 - The rental ends on the day and time established in this rental contract. If the Lessee wishes to extend the rental period, he must contact the Lessor to update his rental contract up to 12 hours before it ends. The Lessor reserves the right not to extend the contract. If there is no such consent, it is considered that the vehicle is circulating without authorization and against the will of its owner, the fact being punished by law and the responsibility of the driver, with a non-compliance fee of €100 being applied, plus the daily cost of rent and insurance.

13 - If the Lessee violates the Rental Agreement, the Lessor may terminate it immediately, without prior notice and recover the vehicle at any facility or location, the Lessee being responsible and having to indemnify the Lessor against all expenses, actions, claims, consequential or recurring costs and damages of this same recovery and removal.

14 - The Lessor is not responsible to the Lessee or any passenger, for the loss or material damage caused to personal belongings transported or left in the vehicle, either during the rental period or after it.

15 - In the event of a dispute, the Lessee may resort to the arbitration center for consumer disputes in the autonomous region of Madeira. The Lessee can submit their complaint to the Lessor at https://www.livroreclamacoes.pt

16 - I declare that I authorize the Lessor to collect, process, process and store my personal data, namely name, civil identification number, tax identification number, passport and driving license data. The data will be used for the time necessary to resolve the contracted service and will remain on file for the purposes of complying with legal, legal obligations and for pursuing the legitimate interests of the Lessor.